A Little Bit About Dr Atwal

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I speak fluent Punjabi and can interview Indian Punjabi clients in their native tongue
Baljit Atwal, PhD
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
916 - 672 - 2201
Being fascinated by science, healthcare, and the human psyche, and wanting to understand why people do what they do, has led me into some unique combinations of education and experience, including:

  • Graduate and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology
  • Work on a pediatric oncology ward and in a pain management clinic
  • Using multidisciplinary approaches in complex cases
  • Helping individuals, couples and families with depression and stress
  • Treating people with chronic fatigue, diabetes and other chronic issues
  • Helping employees with work-related psychological injuries
  • Interest in mind-body connection, psychophysiology, psychoimmunology, and psychopharmacology
  • Founding an eating disorders program
  • Founding a juvenile sex offender treatment program
  • Forensic psychology: evaluating sex offenders, insanity, competency, and domestic abuse/violence assessment
  • Immigration evaluations: addressing hardship, and political asylum
My clinical psychology services include:

Clinical supervision for licensed psychotherapists​
and current psychology grad students​

Differential Diagnosis
​for LMFTs, LMHCs, and LCSWs​

​GATE Testing
ADHD & Learning Disabilities Testing ​​​

​​Acculturation coaching for immigrants​​

​For more on these services contact

​or call
​916 - 672 - 2201​​​

My years of collaboration ​with ​attorneys ​on a wide range of cases ​provide ​the experience you need.​

I am skilled in communicating the psychological factors and motivations​ ​driving client behavior ​with ​​​j​argon-free ​language that ​​judges ​and juries ​​can understand.


My forensic assessment or ​expert ​testimony can clarify your presentation ​of the legal issues and have a ​profound ​impact ​on the ​outcome of your case.

When your legal issue has ​a psychological component, ​a comprehensive forensic​ report,
​together with expert ​witness ​testimony, ​can make all the difference.

​Evaluating, Testifying, Consulting, Treating, Expert Witness ~
​Psychological Evaluations for Civil, Criminal, Immigration Cases and Defense or Prosecuting Attorneys
Diagnostic Evaluations ~ Fitness to Serve Assessments
Forensic Education for Psychotherapists Called to Court

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