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As an experienced psychologist with an extensive ​​testing and evaluation background, I offer comprehensive psychological testing to address specific referral questions regarding legal issues and cases.  

What a Forensic Psychologist Does
for a Criminal Attorney​
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Forensic psychologists use psychological information to help judges, attorneys, and other judicial professionals answer legal questions.

​My forensic evaluations includ
e clinical interview, psychosocial history, psychological testing, and a review of psychiatric documents if those exist.

​I will use clinical review and psychological testing to assess for:
  • ​psychological disorder 
  • ​psychopathy 
  • ​malingering (pretending to be ill)
  • ​cognitive / learning disability 
  • ​personality characteristics 
  • factors ​interfering with rational decision making
  • factors ​interfering with judgment or perception
​​​ All of the psychological tests that I use are objective, norm-referenced and standardized instruments which means that I can rigorously defend my findings during cross-examination.

I will use psychological testing and clinical information to evaluate your adult or juvenile client on a variety of issues such as:

  • Competency to stand trial (PC 1368 and 1369)
  • Competency to waive Miranda rights
  • Insanity defense (P.C. 1027)
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Disposition / treatment recommendations
  • Diagnosis: presence of mental disorder or defect
  • Waive privilege of self-incrimination 
  • Capacity to form intent (eg. sexual intent)
  • Sex offender risk assessment of offenders with: hands-on sexual offense allegation or child pornography possession 
  • Sex offender amenability to treatment 
  • Risk of future violence or sex offense
  • Stoll evaluation
  • Fitness for juvenile court (707 hearings)

I speak fluent Punjabi and can interview Indian Punjabi clients in their native tongue
Baljit Atwal, PhD
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
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Specifically, I can conduct defendants' pre-trial or pre-release psych evaluation. 

Evaluations gather extensive background history, and compares that to victim and witness statements.

History and statements are augmented by an extensive battery of psychological tests. I'll provide normative data on other criminals and persons of the same age and gender.

​​The final forensic psychology report is a comprehensive evaluation, including:

  • ​information about mental health
  • current ​substance abuse problems 
  • need for psychiatric or therapeutic treatment 
  • ​risk to the community
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