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Fees for all ​​Expert time covers:

  • ​​report preparation 
  • case ​analysis 
  • ​consultations 
  • ​telephone conferences 
  • ​interviews 
  • ​research 
  • ​review of materials 
  • ​psychological testing & treatment
  • ​trial preparation 
  • ​travel (portal to portal) 

Billed at $200 per hour plus expenses.

Any time related to the case or project which is beyond the scope of an initial telephone interview of the consultant may be considered billable time.

A minimum retainer of $4000 / 20 hours is required in advance for all work. As this amount is exhausted a replenishment amount will be requested. Retainer payment is required prior to any work being initiated.


​Depositions are $200 /hour
Travel time is $200/ hour plus expenses

​​An advance payment of $1000 is required, at least 5 working days prior to the deposition, which is credited towards the total bill. Billing is made for preparation time, travel time, expenses incurred, time being deposed, waiting time, and time expanded to read and correct transcript if required.

​​Cancellation of a scheduled deposition, with less that 48 hours notice, shall result in a minimum billing of 2 hours.

Court Time

​Court room testimony time, travel time in excess of 1 hour and court room waiting time will be charged at the rate of $200 / hour.  A minimum of 4 hours is charged for testimony.

​​Conducting Forensic Psychological Evaluations ​in Immigration Cases

Includes overview of evaluations for:
  • Political Asylum
  • Extreme Hardship
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Citizenship Exam Waiver
Previously presented at the ​28th Annual Symposium
​in Forensic Psychology // Apr 19-22, 2012 // San Francisco​​
Training Presentations Available
Can be provided to your staff in your own conference room​
Other presentation
​topics include:
  • Asylum Standards and Relief
  • ​Distinctions Regarding Extreme Hardship
  • ​Understanding PTSD and Spousal Abuse through the Immigrant Lens​​​
To arrange a presentation for your staff contact Dr Baljit Atwal
​916 - 672 - 2201​​
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​Psychological Evaluations for Civil, Criminal, Immigration Cases and Defense or Prosecuting Attorneys
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Forensic Education for Psychotherapists Called to Court

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