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I speak fluent Punjabi and can interview Indian Punjabi clients in their native tongue
Baljit Atwal, PhD
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
916 - 672 - 2201
The reason to hire me is when you :

  • want an expert ​psychological ​opinion regarding one of your clients
  • are exploring competency, ​false confessions, or ​​insanity as possibilities
  • suspect ​a client might be ​feigning ​or exaggerating symptoms?
  • know your ​cross-examination questions ​for opposing experts would benefit from the guidance of your own forensic psychologist
  • are having difficulty gaining useful participation from you clients due to their profound emotional distress, young age, ​or ​​​intellectual impairment
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What happens when I ​
​get involved in a case?

​Typically, I am retained by the defense or prosecuting attorney. I can also be appointed as a psychological expert by the court.

​​​It's typical for lawyers to refer a client to me for an evaluation when questions arise regarding emotional and mental status.

​​​Over the last 15 years I have performed 1000's of psychological evaluations for attorneys in California.

​​​​​​As an experienced forensic psychologist, I can assist you as a consultant or as an evaluator.
I am happy to discuss any questions you may have about hiring me as
​your expert witness or as the evaluating forensic psychologist for your case.
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​Psychological Evaluations for Civil, Criminal, Immigration Cases and Defense or Prosecuting Attorneys
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