​Why should psychological testing be considered in an immigration case?
What a Forensic Psychologist Does
for an Immigration Attorney
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Specifically, immigration attorneys often refer clients because they have these type of questions:

    1.  ​Does my client have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

    2.  ​​Are there symptoms to substantiate mistreatment or torture in order to support an application for political asylum?

     3.  ​​What is my client's diagnosis? 

     4.  ​​Could my client competently sign Tahl waiver?

     5.  ​​Was my client the victim of spousal abuse by a US citizen?
My evaluations for immigration attorneys include a clinical interview that will examine the defendant's psychosocial history, including any past psychological treatment, or past criminal offenses committed as a result of a psychological disorder.

I can provide you with both psychological and hardship evaluations. My services are comprehensive and cost-effective.You will get timely written reports, and I can be available for expert testimony.

When an immigration case is complicated by a criminal history, I can provide psychological testing to evaluate the presence of any psychological disorder, psychopathy, malingering, cognitive/learning disability, or personality characteristics that may have mediated rational decision making or interfered with judgment or perception.
A forensic psychological evaluation can assist you in navigating a wide variety of issues, among which might be: 

  • ​addressing clients with a history of drug, alcohol abuse or criminal history
  • ​deciding if a psychological examination is needed regarding diagnosis
  • ​determining the effects of rehabilitation and future treatment needs
  • ​preparing and documenting character, moral fitness, and emotional stability
I speak fluent Punjabi and can interview Indian Punjabi clients in their native tongue
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My psychological evaluations can be helpful ​​​to you in cases of:

  • extreme and exceptional hardship
  • spousal abuse
  • U visas
  • political asylum 
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

​I complete an extensive yet understandable report through clinical interview of immigrant, and their spouse and family members, etc., and use psychological testing for diagnostic, cognitive, and general functioning. You'll get reliable data specific to your legal questions.

​I can also help you more fully understand previously produced:

  • ​psychodiagnostic evaluation
  • psychiatric treatment
  • courtroom testimony
  • expert psychological reports
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